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First priority

Prayer is our first priority, because we know that our busy programme and hard work won't achieve anything without God's help. Praying together is the most powerful thing we can do as a church. Our main church prayer meeting is the first Tuesday of each month. We would love to keep you up to date with all the latest church family news for your prayers at home. Please read this month's update which you can find by clicking here


Christians give gratefully as a way of thanking God for all he provides. We give sacrificially just as Jesus gave himself for the salvation of others. Believers are partners in the gospel and each contribute as we are able, whether financially or in other ways. We give in order to cover the costs of ministry we receive and to offer the good news free of charge to others. God loves it when we give freely, not reluctantly. For that reason we keep your giving private, especially from church leaders, so that no-one feels obliged. (Feel free to contact our treasurer or administrator in confidence.) 


The best way to belong is to join a team. There are lots of ways to help, to suit your interests or availability. Some start by serving coffee, playing in the band, looking after children or doing odd jobs. Most encourage and pray for others as part of a small group. One of the best ways to grow is to teach others about Jesus from the Bible. Contact any staff member if you'd like to talk about the options.