9.30am for families

At 9.30am we provide each family with their own space with up to 6 chairs, a high chair, clean toddler toys and books, a floor mat and an activity bag. Children join in with actions and instruments, child-friendly Bible readings, talks, videos and prayers. Most weeks there are optional groups for primary school children in a separate room with outdoor space, Bible stories, crafts & games.  

9.30am for families
11.15am & 5pm
Our meeting at 11.15am is repeated at 5pm so that there is plenty of room with no crowding.  We listen to live Christian songs, readings, interviews, prayers and Bible talks. There are opportunities to ask questions. Most weeks there is a separate youth group in a covered outdoor courtyard & hall during 11.15am church and another group for 6th form and students after 5pm church.

Attending church shouldn't result in having to isolate because our seats are socially distanced and we don't mingle indoors. If you need to be cautious feel free to slip away at the end. If you're happy to meet and chat, join us at the end in our outdoor covered courtyard with takeaway refreshments, one of our team will come and say hello. If any of us are at all unwell, or have been in recent contact with the virus, it's better to watch online and take a free test. See our staying safe page

Watching online (after 25 July)

If you can't come to church at the moment, we'd love you to watch online. Some of our recent services are available here as a taster. If you'd like to watch more please use this page to book in advance or on the day. Click 'request Sunday livestream' and you'll receive an automatic email with the link to the livestream, as soon as it's available. It's encouraging to know you are watching, and helps us to keep track in case anyone is feeling overlooked. We look forward to seeing you when you can come. Let us know if there's anything that would make that easier, or anything we can help with in the meantime.

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