Digging deeper

Followers of Jesus know the value of using our time to grow as Christians, deepen our understanding, and build our faith. Reading the Bible and prayer are the key, and here are some resources to help us with that and more generally. 
Good Book Company
Explore is an app produced by the Good Book Company to help people with reading the Bible for themselves. The notes ask a few questions and give a bit of background to help you dig into the text.
Prayermate Prayermate is an app which is a helpful way to remember who and what you are praying for. You can make cards for various things you are praying for, categorise them in groups and set how frequently they come up to remind you to pray for them. You can also subscribe to prayer lists from various Christian organisations.
Desiring God Desiring God is a website based off John Piper's ministry. Their aim is to help Christians find joy and satisfaction in Christ and produce articles, videos and a podcast to help Christians. John Piper has also written a book, 'Coronavirus and Christ', which is available for free here.
The Gospel Coalition
The Gospel Coalition is a website which has many encouraging sermons, podcasts and videos on a wide range of Christian issues.
BeThinking is a website produced by UCCF to help Christians think through and communicate their faith.
Bible project
BibleProject produce animated videos showing and explaining the big picture of the Bible story. Find them on YouTube.
CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation) have produced a webpage of videos, articles and daily devotions to help those struggling with anxiety, parenting, loneliness and illness in the face of coronavirus.
CMF Christian Medical Fellowship is an organisation aiming to equip medical professionals to live and speak for Jesus, but even if you are not a doctor they produce lots of resources thinking through medical ethics and other important topics to consider. They also have lots of 'files' considering individual medical topics in detail.