Children and Youth

Time spent together talking about Jesus as families is vital to help children grow in their faith, but it can be challenging for parents to know how to engage children and pitch things at their level. Here are some great resources which help us do just that.
Claire, our women and children's worker, has put together a Pinterest page with lots of different helpful resources for families.
Faith in Kids
Faith in kids are an organisation which wants to support parents in raising their kids to know and love Jesus. They are producing resources for families including podcasts for children and parents.  Check them out on Facebook or on YouTube.
Good Book Company
The Good Book Company are a Christian publishing company who have a whole page dedicated to resources for families at home.
Awesome cutlery

Awesome Cutlery want to help families worship Jesus together and go about that by making great Christian songs for the whole family. They have lots of videos on their YouTube channel.
Michael J Tinker

Michael J Tinker is a Christian Kids Musician. You can find him on YouTube or Facebook.
video bible talks
Video Bible talks create free collections of engaging 10-15 min Bible talks aimed at teenagers, they are some of the resources our Youth Group use.