Online Resources 

Having resources available online is a great blessing, particularly as we go through a period of social isolation or anxiety. Some of us may have more time on our hands and more questions on our minds. It can be hard to know where to start so we have gathered our favourites together here, so you can browse and find whatever is most relevant. 

Exploring Christianity

At a time like this, people of all faiths and none are asking big questions about life, death and suffering. Christians believe Jesus and the Bible are the key. To find out more start with: What is Christianity? and let us know if you'd like to try a course.
Speak Life 
Speak Life produced a three video course called 3-2-1 outlining some of the essentials of Christianity.
Christianity Explored Christianity Explored produce a course helping people investigate Christianity and have put it on YouTube for free for a limited time.

They also have a page of videos answering tough questions about the Christian faith such as 'why is there suffering?' or 'how can I trust the Bible?'.
lookforhope Look for hope is a website with blogs and videos addressing different aspects of our experience as we live in lockdown and battle Covid-19, their aim is to help you find hope during these difficult days.
William Lane Craig Reasonable Faith aims to provide an intelligent, articulate, and uncompromising yet gracious Christian perspective on the most important issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith today such as: the existence of God, the meaning of life and the nature of truth. You can find their website here and YouTube channel here.
Christians in sport Christians in Sport run a 'big sports quiz' once a month on Friday evening. It includes a short talk about the Christian faith and is a great chance to enjoy a quiz together with some mates and hear a bit about Christianity. You can find out more one their website.
Faraday The Faraday Institute aims to facilitate informed debate between science and religion. Their website provides papers and videos on various topics as well as details of the courses they run.
7questions 7questions exists to answer important questions that people have concerning their lives.  The website is run by WEC International with stories from people of different faith backgrounds.


Digging deeper

If we have fewer normal activities happening, what better way to use the time than to grow as a Christian, deepen our understanding, and build our faith. Reading the Bible and prayer are the key, and here are some resources to help us with that and more generally. 
Good Book Company
Explore is an app produced by the Good Book Company to help people with reading the Bible for themselves. The notes ask a few questions and give a bit of background to help you dig into the text.
Prayermate Prayermate is an app which is a helpful way to remember who and what you are praying for. You can make cards for various things you are praying for, categorise them in groups and set how frequently they come up to remind you to pray for them. You can also subscribe to prayer lists from various Christian organisations.
Desiring God Desiring God is a website based off John Piper's ministry. Their aim is to help Christians find joy and satisfaction in Christ and produce articles, videos and a podcast to help Christians. John Piper has also written a book, 'Coronavirus and Christ', which is available for free here.
The Gospel Coalition
The Gospel Coalition is a website which has many encouraging sermons, podcasts and videos on a wide range of Christian issues.
BeThinking is a website produced by UCCF to help Christians think through and communicate their faith.
Bible project
BibleProject produce animated videos showing and explaining the big picture of the Bible story. Find them on YouTube.
CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation) have produced a webpage of videos, articles and daily devotions to help those struggling with anxiety, parenting, loneliness and illness in the face of coronavirus.
CMF Christian Medical Fellowship is an organisation aiming to equip medical professionals to live and speak for Jesus, but even if you are not a doctor they produce lots of resources thinking through medical ethics and other important topics to consider. They also have lots of 'files' considering individual medical topics in detail.

Children and Youth

All this time at home with family could be a real opportunity to help children grow in their faith, but could also be a real challenge to know how to go about it. We hope these resources can be some help.

Claire, our women and children's worker, has put together a Pinterest page with lots of different helpful resources for families. 
Faith in Kids
Faith in kids are an organisation which wants to support parents in raising their kids to know and love Jesus. They are producing resources for families including a podcast and daily family Bible time videos. Check them out on Facebook or on YouTube.
Good Book Company
The Good Book Company are a Christian publishing company who have a whole page dedicated to resources for families at home.
Awesome cutlery

Awesome Cutlery want to help families worship Jesus together and go about that by making great Christian songs for the whole family. They are livestreaming every Monday at 4pm on their YouTube channel.
Michael J Tinker

Michael J Tinker is a Christian Kids Musician and is livestreaming every day at 11am at the moment. You can find him on YouTube or Facebook.
video bible talks
Video Bible talks create free collections of engaging 10-15 min Bible talks aimed at teenagers, they are some of the resources our Youth Group use.


Good Christian books are so helpful for learning and growing in faith. During lockdown perhaps you might have some more time to read and so getting hold of some new books (or eBooks) might be useful. Obviously you can buy books from all over the internet, but some stores we would recommend are:

Good Book Company
The Good Book Company
Christian focus
Christian Focus

Good music is a great way to encourage ourselves as we listen to gospel truths in a way that reaches our hearts as well as our heads.

St Matthew's Spotify - You can find a link to a playlist of the songs we sing here.

Here are some links to some artists whose songs we regularly sing at church: Emu MusicSovereign Grace MusicCityAlightKeith & Kristyn Getty.
Beautiful Eulogy
Beautiful Eulogy -  If you're looking for something a bit different, Beautiful Eulogy are a Christian hip-hop band who have some great lyrics.
The Good Christian Music Blog - a YouTube channel which includes a variety of genres.