Home groups

Most church members either attend or are linked to a smaller group of believers that they are getting to know. Each group talks through the Sunday Bible readings to apply them to every day life. Groups pray, support and help each other to live the Christian life and share the good news with others.

All the groups gather together as a whole church family once a month for
church prayer meetings. These are our first priority because prayer is the most powerful and important thing we can do. Those who are able to arrive at 7pm enjoy a meal to get to know each other, then we hear news and pray for the month ahead from 7.45-9.15pm on the first Tuesday of each month except August. 

Home groups meet around the city in church members' homes most Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at about 8pm. Women’s groups meet on Thursdays by 10am in the vicarage or church hall, with a supervised crèche.  Roots for young adults begins with a meal in the church hall, then small groups dig into the Bible. Optional donation for food. 7-9.15pm on Tuesdays. Coffee pot meets on Wednesdays over a soup and cake lunch to look at the Bible and pray.

Please contact us to try a group.